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What is GoCollect24?

GoCollect24 is a non- commercial Marketplace for Numismatics .
GoCollect24 is a one of a kind community, where collectors around the world come together to sell, buy and collect numismatic items. By giving the opportunity to collectors to put their items online on GoCollect24 platform, we wish to create a community where enthusiasts of Numismatics can connect with each other, share their passion, find something extraordinary for their collections and develop their hobby.

Why sell at GoCollect24

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How to start selling?

1. You must have a Business Papal PayPal account.
2. Create an online store and add your products and info.
3. Advertise your online store to attract customers.
4. Receive orders from customers and start earning money.

At GoCollect24

you can sell any numismatic  items such us Coins, Jetons, Books, Supplies, & Bancnotec. Items should be in a good condition and have a collectible status. Sellers have to make sure that their items are authentic before listing them on GoCollect24. Sellers must guarantee the authenticity of the items they sell, so it is not allowed to list replicas or fakes on the GoCollect24

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GoCollect24 has been operated as a Fee Free Online Marketplace to help collectors be able to make a profit online. Running a free online service of this size is expensive, there are many operating expenses including server and internet connectivity costs, support staff salaries, and the paid advertising. We, however, refuse to charge our members fees, so we depend solely on your donations to cover our operating costs.

Every donation no matter how small will be put directly into maintaining GoCollect24’s operational costs with any excess going directly into advertising to help keep our marketplace growing and able to improve new modules and functions.


We thank you for your support and hope to keep GoCollect24 growing for many years to come.