A treasure trove of “forbidden” coins discovered in Dijon


Extremely rare foreign coins from the late Middle Ages were discovered in Dijon by a team of the Institute of preventive archaeological research (Inrap). 

 The discovery dates back to January 2019, but the presentation to the press took place only on Wednesday 29 May. 

Thirty-four pieces: ten gold and others in silver, tell a page of history of Burgundy to the very end of the XV th century.

004 4 595x420 A treasure trove of "forbidden" coins discovered in Dijon
The 34 specimens, including ten in gold, carefully classified by Inarp

It is a storeroom of great numismatic interest.Some coins are known in very few copies according to Pascal Listrat, archaeologist of Inrap. The oldest is from Brabant (now in Belgium) and dates back to 1432-1467.

Most of them come from the Holy Empire (Duchy of Savoy Brabant, Palatinate) and from Italian principalities (Milan, Papal States, Ferrara, Venice).There is only one coin of French origin in the treasure, a coin bearing the image of Louis XI the Prudente (1423-1483, on the throne from 1461).

A mysterious jewel, testimony of a love

A double pendant with the letters D and V joined by a gold cord completes the discovery.

005 4 595x420 A treasure trove of "forbidden" coins discovered in Dijon
The beautiful pendant in gold and enamels with the initials D and V of two unknown spouses of the fifteenth century

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