Himara, archaeologists rewrite history: burial tombs discovered dating back to 1500 BC


The tombs testify that since the late Bronze Age the area was occupied by the Illyrians and not by the Hellenes.

A cemetery and other finds dating back to around 3500 years ago were found in Himara in southern Albania by a group of Albanian archaeologists.

The team has been working in the area for more than two years, a research work that led to one of the most important discoveries of our time: the tumulus tombs found, in fact, testify that since the late Bronze Age the area in question it was occupied by the Illyrians and not by the Hellenes, since the latter did not use the practice of burial.

The mission of the team of archaeologists also brought to light other historical artifacts found inside the tombs, such as combat weapons (mainly knives that were used at the time). The results of the discovery will be presented to the public very soon by the experts.

The Minister of Culture: an important discovery

The minister of culture, Elva Margariti, underlined on social media the importance of the discovery made by the team of Albanian archaeologists:

“ An important discovery has been made in the city of Himara! The Regional Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Vlora, together with the National Institute of Cultural Heritage, has discovered a tumulus cemetery dating back to the late Bronze Age.

The cemetery was initially discovered in 2018, along the bed of the Korram stream, north-east of the city of Himara. The tombs unearthed were likely to be damaged by the flow of the stream and by clandestine interventions, for this reason in the spring of 2018, to protect and document the archaeological material, the first excavations were carried out in which during which a mound tomb was found dating back to the late bronze age.

To have a more complete documentation, in the last two weeks of June 2020 the second part of the excavations was carried out which brought to light a second tumulus tomb, which confirms the existence of a tumulus cemetery near the city of Himara.

The archaeological material has already been transferred to the headquarters of the Regional Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Vlora . ” – read on Facebook.

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