Catalogue of the coins of Thrace Part I


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Issue 2011

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The beginning of the research work of the Thracian coinages has been started more than two centuries ago. The main reason for this is the fact that the Thracian civilization is narrowly connected with the Greek one.
Almost hundred years have passed from the moment when the prominent Bulgarian numismatist Nikola Moushmov has published his capital work “The Antique Coins on the Balkan Peninsula and the Coins of the Bulgarian Tsars”. The information for the coinages of the Thracian tribes and rulers and for those of the Paionean and Scythian king has increased significantly during this period. Large number of unknown coin types have been published, a second group has been re-dated and a third one – attributed to the coinages of other rulers. All of these points determine the necessity of such a book, which containes possibly the most complete information in this field. It is unthinkable for anyone to compile such catalogue without the labour of tens of researchers and numismatists, who are cited and to whom we owe gratitude.
The described in this Catalogue coins are one of the first minted in Europe. Their number is significantly limited in comparison with the coin production of ancient Greece, Roma and Byzantium but strictly they are the ones to determine the economic, social and aesthetic trends in the means-of-payment production. In short, they are the beginning of the classical numismatics. And exactly because of this fact it is very strange that this fractured information has not been collected and summoned together and a common picture, attested in these first expressions of the material and spiritual culture, of that time has not been presented. The present work aims to fill, at least partially, this vacuum.
Data for all Thracian coins which have reached us is included in the Catalogue. Nominals, coin types and variants are described together with their metrical characteristics and approximate datings. The more significant publications are marked for those who need additional information. The classes of rarity according to our examinations are included to help the collectors in their activities. Once more for them, we will remember, that the price of a certain coin depends on the first place on its stage of preservation and after that on its class of rarity. The illustrations are an important advantage for the users of the catalogue. Almost all of the depicted coin types are presented with photoes or drawings, which helps the readers to find their way in this not an easy field. All the illustrations are shown with the real dimensions of the coins and, where it is possible, for the small nominals – in scale 2:1.
The larger part of the coins of the Thracian tribesand rulers are distinguished for their extremely high class of rarity, significant art value and even for their enigma. These are the facts which determine the rising interest of the collectors towards the Thracian coinages during the last several decades and which make them a good investment as well.
We understand that some items in this catalogue are discussible. New information for their clearing up is needed. All recomendations, commentaries, discussions and additions are welcome.

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