What is the Secret of 1864 Victoria Penny Bronze ?

 Sourced Facefook: Cope Geoffrey

The British Bronze penny first issued in 1860 has long been a favourite of Numismatists world wide; it has been studied and written about for decades.

There is one coin that eludes most collections and nearly all specialist Victorian bronze penny collections, the 1864 penny of either variety 
Why? Before you ask the question? But surely the 1869 is the rarest! Is it? Most collections have one and maybe there are 40+ pieces in EF+ grade.

Now ask yourself when did you last see an 1864 Penny in EF+ condition? Many in fine+ grade! In fact did you ever see one? There has only been two or three in the last 40 years on the market – maybe it is time to make a register of this ‘elusive coin’ in either of the known varieties of the upper serif and the crosslet types.

Now shall we study the mintage figures? Could it be there was a mistake? Or could it be this year the pennies were in fact never fully circulated due to excess numbers of earlier dates and then melted?

Another point of interest between the 1864 crosslet and upper serif type. The crosslet type differs from the upper serif, the falling rocks to the right of the lighthouse, finer engraving in the lighthouse and galleon, the drapery is away from the George cross.

Whatever the reason the 1864 penny is the rarest of all regular Victoria bronze pennies. The 1860 mule in EF+ with lustre is EXR rare also, so penny collectors watch your pocket, look now, could the future be a £10’000 penny, that is if you could find one?

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